Once again Greyhound Trust Hall Green invites all animal lovers, animal charities and their pets and charges to join us at Worcester Cathedral for a fun service. Place a heart on the Memory Tree for pets who are over Rainbow Bridge and join a parade from Worcester Bridge at 12.30pm through the city centre returning to the Cathedral. The service starts at 1pm.

The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Worcester will be joining us at the service. All animal, great and small are welcome so bring your dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, guinea pig…any sort and any size, we welcome them all.

This may well be the last service we hold as a Branch unless we obtain Sponsorship as the event was paid for entirely by the Branch from Stadium event donations and donations on the day do not cover the cost. With the loss of the Stadium income we need to ensure we secure the support of our hounds through 2018 and onwards so expect some surprises on what could be our last one!