We as a Branch of the Greyhound Trust will do everything to save this hound….. please can you help us. So far as a Branch we have spent over £3000.00 on Bear and will continue to fight for this hound, but with on-going treatment imminent we really could do with help in funding some of this treatment.

Glenn our Vice Chair and Treasurer ran in terrific heat on Sunday July 8th to help raise funds for Bear’s treatment and raised 2/3 of the monies already spent but with more treatment to come, Bear needs all the help he can get.

Our friends at SITYU Benches have offered this fantastic greyhound planter to help Bear. Watch our website, Facebook and Twitter, about our upcoming competition for your chance to win this lovely planter and help Bear at the same time. SITYU have also offered to donate 10% of sales back to the Greyhound Trust. To view their products (they have recently introduced two new products, the greyhound planter and the greyhound statue) click on this link.

Bear is a homeless hound who is very ill, and we are doing everything in our power to help this hound. Bear was taken to Pride Animal Hospital in Derby yesterday, and the prognosis was looking terrible.

Prescribed medication had resulted in some improvement in the coordination of his front limbs, but his back end was if anything a little worse. The consultant, did some more mobility and gait studies with him. Whilst there Bear also displayed new neurological signs involving his mouth and tongue.

The prognosis was not looking at all good and we had lengthy discussion about Bears quality of life, and almost certain discomfort, with a distinct possibility that the kindest thing would ultimately be to put him to sleep.

The consultant then said that to give Bear one final option he would like to test for a rare and unlikely inflammatory muscle condition (cost around £130. 00.) The required blood was taken.

Whilst waiting to pay the bill Bear was looking very sorry for himself, and so were we and the reception staff started chatting about him and why we had been referred.

We explained that he had retired from racing, but now had complex health problems. They asked if we were paid by the Greyhound Trust . So we explained that we are all volunteers at Hall Green and they asked who paid our vet bills and we said as a Branch we did, but we also mentioned Glenn’s run.

They asked if they could take photos of Bear to send to their PR team to see if he could feature on their website with a link to our fb page, we gave them relevant details and of course consented to the photos, we can only hope they agreed.

Bear was taken back to kennels and a lot of tears were shed however, the consultant called later on sounding very upbeat and informed us that Bear, alongside his already diagnosed neurological problems does after all have this rare inflammatory muscle condition which is treatable.

It isn’t quite that simple though :there are two causes of this condition, an infection or a problem with the immune system. We needed to confirm which it is, so we agreed to another culture test on the sample of blood retained at Derby. We will get the results shortly.

The Consultant suggested we start initial treatment for both options, so we are being sent two lots of antibiotics, and some supplements to begin boosting the immune system. Dependent on results next week further appropriate treatments will commence.

If you’d like to help us to help Bear, you can make a donation towards his treatment via the donation button on the website or drop into either of our kennels.