Greyhound Trust Hall Green believes in their Fairy Greymother, and with the wonderful talent of world renowned artist Richard Skipworth whose own hound Magic was helped by this wonderful magical hound, we now can show you what she looks like in these two amazing pieces of artwork

Our Fairy Greymother is helping us to raise funds towards further vets costs and of course the hounds in our care through the kindness of Richard donating 50% of the profit from items purchased through Redbubble related to this magical hound, so please support this amazing man, who has done, and continues to do so much for all greyhounds.

Spread the word that every greyhound deserves help from the Fairy Greymother… this artwork on apparel, stickers, phone cases and more via and remember 50% of the profits come to Greyhound Trust Hall Green.

To purchase Richard’s work click on this link.

Richard … Thank you.