Greyhound Trust Hall Green Team Up With Towcester

Towcester Greyhound Track is one of three tracks in the country along with Kinsley and Yarmouth who have pledged to home all greyhounds who retire from racing at their track. As of 1st of March 2018, Greyhound Trust Hall Green has established a new partnership with Towcester management, trainers and owners to achieve this aim.

Towcester approached the Greyhound Trust who in turn contacted Hall Green as Towcester particularly wanted to work with our Branch due to our well established track record in successfully homing ex-racers. We are looking forward to working with Towcester now that Hall Green Stadium closed, particularly with its focus on greyhound welfare.

Approximately 250 dogs per year will need homes once they finish their careers at Towcester and Hall Green will be linking with Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust and Greyhound Trust Dudley to do our best to support Towcester in achieving their vision.

Julie Collier from Racing Post Greyhound TV met with our chair, Tracey Parbery and lead volunteer Marie Whitehouse at our Broadmarsh Kennels to find out more to let Towcester trainers and owners know about Greyhound Trust Hall Green and our new partnership.