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  • Ollie the greyhound
  • Ollie the greyhound
  • Ollie the greyhound
  • Ollie the greyhound
  • Ollie the greyhound
  • Ollie the greyhound

Ollie has been with us for awhile now and we’d really like find him his forever family. So to get him ready for family life, our volunteers have been taking Ollie home to get him used to being out of kennels. The most recent trip out was with Donna and Craig, and here is what they have to say:

Ollie had a good mooch around Craig’s house, went up and down the stairs with ease and kept going to bed! He loves having a good stretch on the bed and a belly rub. He loves looking at himself in the mirror too… Well he is a gorgeous boy after all ❤️

He likes to try and steal your food when you’re eating but this was soon rectified with a stern “no” and gently turning him away. He soon learnt if he didn’t steal food he got a small kibble and after that let us eat our dinner with no interest at all. This is something that new owners could easily work on as he does anything for a bit of kibble.

Took him to the park, he gets in and out the car easily and loves to look out of the window to see what’s going on. At the park he walked beautifully, watched some puppies being trained and showed absolutely no reaction whatsoever. Other dogs running past didn’t affect him at all,he simply looked and walked on.

Loud music being played at a local event in the park didn’t faze him in the slightest. He saw a squirrel, showed interest and watched a bit didn’t pull to get to it. Walked past lots of geese and ducks and didn’t even bat an eyelid, even came face to face with a duck that walked straight towards him but he couldn’t have been less bothered, if anything he backed off.

This boy was golden from start to finish and would be a fantastic addition to someone’s home ❤️❤️

Ollie was also golden when he gave blood at our recent Pet Blood Bank Session. Here is what our volunteer Emma ahd to say:

“Ollie was one of the lifesaving dogs at WG on Saturday, as he was one of the 13 dogs who donated blood at the Pet Blood Bank session held at kennels. A former donor, Ollie took it all in his stride and was as good as gold, no problem at all.

Ollie had the office in stitches, as he ambled in and proceeded to choose his own toy from the box, then he decided that there was another one in there which was more exciting, so he took it upon himself to have a proper look – head right in the bag and tail wagging furiously. Everyone was laughing so much no one had the heart to stop him.

After a good mooch round the office, checking everyone and everything out and having treats from all who offered them, Ollie passed his blood screening test with flying colours and went on to donate. He very much enjoyed all the fuss, cuddles and attention he got from everyone and he didn’t put a paw wrong.

Ollie is a gorgeous dog and keeps being overlooked, but he is a real people dog and a proper love sponge. His little turned up nose is really sweet and he loves nothing more than some love and attention. He now comes with his own PBB superhero bandana – let’s hope someone will see past him being “just another black dog” as we all think he’s great.

If you think Ollie sounds like the hound for you then give us a ring on 0121 426 4810 or contact us to come and visit this black beauty.

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