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  • Blitz the greyhound
  • Blitz the greyhound
  • Blitz the greyhound
  • Blitz the greyhound
  • Blitz the greyhound

Every now and again we get asked to help a dog in need. Our vets contacted us about a little lurcher whose owner was threatened with eviction after Blitz wouldn’t settle when she had to return to work in an office after working from home for many years (not just during lockdown).

His history prior to this is a bit unclear but we’ve had the original owner contact us who had him as a puppy and he told us that Blitz was a super dog and good with his children. He got on well with the lady’s five year old son and he certainly does seem to like the children he meets at our kennels and out and about.

He originally came to us in October 2020 and we did find a home for him in the December but the adopter returned him in May 2021 for family reasons. So this poor little chap really deserves a forever home!

As you’d expect from a lurcher, he’s livelier than your average greyhound – our volunteers say he’s a little pocket rocket but such a delight with it. You can see from his pictures he’s got the cheekiest smile! He’s got quite a fan club at the kennels.

We are looking for someone who is experienced with sighthounds, preferably lurchers as he’s more active than your typical greyhound.

But for a lively dog he walks well on the lead and he’s super friendly with humans. He loves a fuss from everyone and goes to everyone in turn so no one gets left out. His tail doesn’t stop wagging.

One of our volunteers said, “Had this gorgeous boy again today. He walks so lovely on the lead that I barely know he’s there. A squirrel ran in front of him but he was more interested in sniffing every blade of grass.

He doesn’t like standing still for too long and will give a little whimper as if to tell you to walk on.

We found a small patch to sit down and when I asked him to sit, he sat and then lay down next to us, happily watching the crows in the field.

He adores my son Daniel. If I could sneak him past my cats, I’d have him in a heartbeat.😍” (Blitz isn’t cat friendly unfortunately).

Not long after he came back to us another one of our volunteers took him to a park to see what he was like in a busier environment and reported,

“Blitz went to the park today. He climbed onto the back seat himself and settled straight down.

When we got out he wasn’t as confident as I thought he might be and the first calm collie we encountered got a very low and manly growl.

A little guidance and Blitz seemed embarrassed – hiding his face against my leg. Each dog we passed after that, he did the same bashful hiding but no more grumbles.

No problems watching dogs playing on the field, and not really fussed by squirrels – definitely not trustworthy near cats though!

I think Blitz definitely needs to gain his confidence. He’s a very handsome boy who walks well on the lead and didn’t pull once. I can’t believe he’s 6!”

Blitz needs some stability in his life with someone who will give him lots of cuddles.

Being a lurcher, he needs more exercise than your normal greyhound and would do well with an active family who can help train him to keep his mind active to provide him with mental stimulation which will help to help tire him out.

He will need some more help in socialising with other dogs as he can be a bit unpredictable – sometimes he’s fine and others he gets a bit tetchy but we’re sure with the right guidance in the right family he’ll be a super pet.

Please give this boy a chance. If you like lurchers, than this little chap could be just the dog for you.

If you’d like to find out more about Blitz, then give us a ring on 0121 426 4810 or contact us to make an appointment to meet this lovely lurcher at our Broadmarsh Kennels near Stourbridge in the West Midlands.

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