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EDIT - we're so pleased to be able to share with you how far Joe has come in his socialisation. We're soooo proud of him. We hope someone can see his potential and finally give this boy the loving home he deserved:

"Great to get some kennel hounds to the Forest Dog Rescue fete today.

I had the pleasure of Joe’s company and have to say that he, along with Maria, Bobby, foster hound Toby and all the homed hounds that came along, were great ambassadors for the breed.

There were hundreds of dogs, of literally all shapes and sizes, and Joe showed very little interest in them. He didn’t put a paw wrong, nothing seemed to faze him today. He was good with everyone he met, happy to be fussed occasionally leaning into me if he was a little unsure.

Travel-wise, Joe was happy to jump onto my backseat but stood for most of the 30-minute drive, looking out the window. He did the same on the way back although he managed to lie down for a few minutes.

Well done, Joe, you were a star today! ⭐️👏🖤

Joe (or Skinny Joe as he is affectionately called, it being his racing name, which has stuck) is one of our long stayers, indeed he has been in our kennels, patiently waiting for a forever home for 9
months. 😥

Joe is a friendly, loving boy and is a firm favourite with the volunteers. He has a goofy, playful side and enjoys bounding around the paddock with toys or a ball.

Joe was quite anxious around other breeds when he first came in to kennels so our volunteers have been working with him, increasing his exposure to dogs by taking him out to the park and to a local café. Here’s what the volunteers have said about him:

Donna: I've never played with (Skinny) Joe before....he's hilarious 😂

Andrew: Joe had a good morning out at Mary Stevens Park. He was keen to get into the park and
was on his best behaviour until he saw a little chihuahua chasing a ball, Joe was very keen to join in with the fun. Thereafter, whilst he showed little interest in any other dogs that were either on a lead or walking slowly, anything that moved quickly, resulted in a reaction from Joe. 😬

Helen: I walked Skinny Joe this morning. We met several different breeds along the way and he coped really well, so I’d say the off-site visits to the park are clearly helping him. 👍

First we spotted one of the boarders - medium sized - being walked on the field. He looked over, but with a safe distance between us he continued over to the gate. We carried on along the lane and a husky was being
walked in the Broadmarsh field parallel to us. Although he could see it through the hedge he paid no attention, due to the physical divide.

Joe is always alert to his surroundings, scanning the fields, looking for potential trouble and never fully relaxes on a walk. He did allow himself the chance to follow the scent trails along a different route today, which he clearly enjoyed.👃

Extremely impressed with how far Joe has come and I am feeling positive that his forever home is just around the corner.🤞

Although Joe has improved enormously when out and about he does sometimes get anxious or
reactive around other dogs and therefore we feel that he would be best suited to someone who
understands him, 🥰🤔is willing to put some work in to help him and won’t be fazed if he does over react.

We know there is a super dog in there,🏆 he just needs a special person to give him a chance.
If you would like to meet Joe please contact us on 0121 426 4810 or contact us to make an appointment to visit him at our kennels.

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Joe aka Skinny Joe

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