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  • Kat the greyhound
  • Kat the greyhound
  • Kat the greyhound
  • Kat the greyhound
  • Kat the greyhound
  • Kat the greyhound
  • Kat the greyhound
  • Kat the greyhound

Foster or forever home URGENTLY needed for Kat.

Four-year-old Kat is currently in a short term foster home recovering from surgery for a blocked saliva gland after one of our volunteers came forward to help rather than having Kat having to return to kennels post-op. Unfortunately they could only offer a couple of weeks due to work commitments and we REALLY would like to find her another home asap. Her foster home would need to be close to Poolhouse Vets in Lichfield so she can attend her follow up appointment but we are happy to support anyone who has her and do any vet visits needed.

Notes from her foster carer:
Kat is doing really well and is such a happy, fun loving little girl. She is like a little shadow at the moment but is getting more settled. She loves her short walks and doesn’t mind busy traffic. She saw a little fluffy dog in the vets and happily greeted it. We can do more socialising when she has her stitches out and can wear a muzzle. She is generally very calm but has a mad 2 minutes running around barking and biting her bedding and play bowing 🀣. She wags her tail whenever she sees you and chatters her teeth is excitement near food πŸ’•. Let’s hope she can get a home quickly so she is not back in kennels for long 😊

Kat kindly wrote us some notes, too!
Hi everyone Kat here. I have had a very busy couple of days. I had my operation on Tuesday morning then was taken for short term Foster with my new friend Prince.
I quickly forgot I had surgery and wanted to do zoomies around the kitchen I was so excited with all the lovely food smells.
Things I am learning-
🐾 Not all food is my food, I am picking this up quite quickly though, but I just love any food πŸ˜‹
🐾 Humans come back when they leave. I have managed to lie down by the door when someone leaves the room but not when they go out the front door yet.
🐾 How to travel in the car without being sick (work in progress but any tips gratefully received)
Things I have already learnt-
πŸ‘ How to sleep all night (not on my own yet though)
πŸ‘ How to settle on my bed
πŸ‘ Wees and poos are for outside
πŸ‘ Not to ask for humans food (almost learntπŸ™‚)
Hi friends, Kat here again. I’ve been in my foster hone for 3 days now.

I am getting more settled and enjoy lazing on my comfy bed. I am getting used to all the coming and going and go back to bed when someone goes out of sight.

I am a clever girl and pick things up very quickly.
I saw what seemed like every possible breed of dog at the vets this morning and was a very good girl.
I would like a home with a garden for zoomies, a soft cozy bed, a Caterpillar and lots of nice food please 😁

My foster carer says I’m no trouble and settling more each day. I’m healing well and I’m really not bothered about having had surgery, but I really don’t want to go back into kennels – I’m rather liking being in a home and would like one of my very own please!

If you can help Kat, please call us on 0121 426 4810 or contact us to come and meet this lovely hound.

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