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Our latest newsletter is out now. Hope you enjoy the read. This month’s theme is the love of an older dog. Many of our adopters come looking for a young dog to grow up with their young families, which is understandable, but please remember that older dogs are in kennels looking for homes too. They can be just as fun-loving as younger dogs (see “Mad as a Box of Frogs” article) and just a loving as their kennel mates. Older dogs come into kennels for several reasons: their owners are too ill to look after them or have died, change is family circumstances, or in the case of dogs never having been in a home, have been kennel pets, or in the case of the girls, have had a litter or two of puppies.

The plight of the older dog

We thought we’d highlight the plight of the older dog now as we have a few older dogs coming into kennels over the next couple of weeks and will be appealing for loving homes. The articles by Deb Rice and Helen Turner in the newsletter tells us about the rewards of looking after an older dog. So watch the website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for posts about Rena and Bess, Prince, Shawty, Cha and King, all of whom are aged 6-8 years old and of course please have a look at our lovely Uma (8), Paddy and Titan (both 6 1/2). Their faces may be white but their hearts are pure gold.