Older Greyhounds Steal Your Heart

Older greyhounds often get overlooked in kennels and have so much love to give and in many cases are just as sprightly as their younger kennel mates.
We understand when families with young children visit the kennels asking for a younger dog to grow up alongside their children but please consider homing an older dog.

We love their “frosted” faces and their cuddles and the way they still like the occasional “zoomies” and a play.

We get older greyhounds in our kennels for several reasons; trainers decide to leave the industry, or they have been kept as kennel pets, or have had puppies and now need loving homes.

Sometimes older greyhounds return to us because after being in a home for several years their owner becomes ill or sadly passes away.

Occasionally we have a dog who had a long racing career, retired age 5, and has been waiting in kennels for their forever family for some time, making them older than their kennel mates.

We’re lucky that we have some friends at Hall Green who love the oldies. One says, “There is a common misconception that they are past it but I can tell you my oldies never acted or act like they were past it. Sure they slow down, may not want to go so far for a walk, and sleep a bit more as people who age do. The joy they will bring you is second to none and they will steal your heart as they have done mine.”

Another says, “their personalities are more relaxed and they appreciate the simpler yet more loving life. They are funnier than the young ones. Watching them have a five minute puppy session in the garden is something to behold. They are so loving, so grateful for you and your love as well as the ever worshipped bed and sofa. They are truly cheeky but chilled creatures who will love every second they’re with you even if they’re still asleep!”

We have some older geyhounds in our kennels or about to come into our kennels at the moment. Keep an eye on the “Greyhounds Looking For Homes” page to read about Rena, Prince, Shawty, Cha, and King as they come in and let one of our golden oldies steal your heart too.