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  • wilson the greyhound
  • wilson the greyhound
  • wilson the greyhound
  • wilson the greyhound

Would you like Wilson to join your clan?

Wilson can be quite true to his name which has origins in medieval Scotland as he can be powerful at times. However, he's an incredibly friendly, gentle boy too. He loves a fuss and has been very happy to meet young children so we think he'd be a lovely family pet.

He may be best suited to a more experienced owner due to his strength when walking but he’s quite manageable and will probably settle down with someone who can show him the ropes in his retirement.

Wilson is recovering from a broken hock which is not an unusual injury for greyhounds but it does mean he can only manage shorter walks at the moment and we don’t think he’ll be a dog who will manage very long walks in the future.

Wilson is happily sharing his kennel with a female hound (she's the boss!) so he could be a companion for an existing hound.

Wilson asked us to share with you that he has superpowers! Yes you read that right - read on to find out more....

Hi all, Wilson here. This morning I had my stroll around the paddock (and a few cuddles too of course) with the usual Saturday morning volunteer crew. I was nicely snuggled in my kennel again preparing for my post walk snooze and another volunteer came to get me again. She told me I'd been chosen to do an extra special job! Well, I was really excited and keen to get out there and tried my hardest to pull her to the car park but I was very confused when she took me into the office... What on earth did she want my help with? Secretarial duties?!

Well, I've never seen the office look so exciting. There were 5 people with red t-shirts which said PBB on them. They looked super friendly and I wanted to say hello to them all but unfortunately some of them were busy fussing one of my kennel mates.

First of all two nice ladies gave me fusses and treats. Then they took a tiny little bit of my blood and told me they wanted to check if I have super powers! 😲 They then listened to my heart to check I've got plenty of love to give to my forever family who I know are out there waiting for me. I was going to gloss over the next bit as it's sooo embarrassing 😳 but the volunteer said I have to tell the truth if I want to get myself a home soon. So, come on Wilson, be strong and powerful 💪....

'they stuck a thermometer up my bum!!!'

Phew... anyway, it got more exciting after that ordeal was over as the people I was desperate to say hello to were ready for me.

GUESS WHAT?! They told me I do have super powers and they wanted to know if I was prepared to donate some of my blood so that poorly dogs who need super powers to get better can have some of mine. Well, I'm a generous hound so of course I agreed.

I happily laid on the really comfy bed and let all 3 of the lovely PBB people give me cuddles while I shared my super powers. They had lots of fun keeping me occupied while also getting me to lie still as I found the whole experience quite exciting!

The volunteer told me I should be very proud to be a life saving hound now and she hopes someone will want to adopt me soon as I'm such a loving, generous boy. 'and don't forget I have super powers!'

If you'd like to meet this amazing boy, then give us a ring on 0121 426 4810 or contact us to make an appointment to visit our kennels.

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