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  • Happily Homed Billy
  • Happily Homed Billy
  • Happily Homed Billy
  • Happily Homed Billy
  • Happily Homed Billy
  • Happily Homed Billy

I wanted to give you and the Hall Green RGT team an update on my 4 legged friend - Billy (aka Crazy Spade - as he was in his previous life)

Lets go back to spring 2015:

I went to Broadmarsh kennels to enquire about adopting a greyhound and had a really good chat with Marie & Glen. I went for walks with a few, but they didn't seem to spark my interest until they brought out Billy. He charged into the room and headbutted me right in the you-know-whats!

So I knew he was a lively chap, and walking around the field he was just a delight. I was smitten. Long story short, I think we chose each other. He was called Billy in the kennels and I saw no need to change it as it seemed to suit him just fine.

Fast forward 2 weeks and Marie brought him all the way down to my place in Leamington Spa - despite living in a first floor flat, Billy negotiated the stairs with the finesse & grace of a hippo on rollerskates, and promptly examined every square inch of my flat (testing out the beds too!). He flopped down on the lounge rug & fell asleep, the deal was sealed and he was mine.

I took a couple of weeks off work to help him acclimatise, but he made himself at home in no time at all, I was worried for nothing. We started our walks around the local area (muzzle on) and he literally sniffed every single blade of grass (he's still doing it to this day!). All of the lovely dogs in the park were instant new friends, people were new friends and even the neighbours cars became new and irresistible items to investigate!

Fast forward a few weeks - my friend and I debated letting our dogs meet, he has a Patterdale Terrier: small, feisty and very bitey! I shouldn't have worried, they became total best friends immediately. They hurtle around the fields together having the best time and then pass out on the floor when we (usually) end our walk in a pub!

I get lots of compliments from people when walking him. People seem drawn to him, especially young children. He is so good with them, just stands there letting them pat him without the slightest flinch. Even 'scary' youths in hoodies (who are actually just nice lads if you talk to them) have come over to give him fuss and ask questions.

I must say that the blogs are true.....greyhounds ARE accomplished counter surfers! Any food left unattended WILL disappear 😊 it's part of the fun though. They have a very funny side too. Something I never expected. When I saw him have his first zoomies I thought he had been possessed or something! It is hilarious! The excitement of 'going out' is incredible!

He was house-trained from the very first day, very clean indeed. He tells me when he wants to go out - it's the cold nose on the hand, then followed by longing stares at the coat rack (where his lead is kept).

Now I would like to reiterate that I live in a first floor flat: no problem at all. We have a secure internal courtyard with parking spaces, and herbaceous borders for toilet time. He sniffs every single thing, every door handle, every car and every neighbour. He now knows each neighbour on sight (or smell) and bounds up to them expecting a cuddle. New neighbours, he introduces himself the same way also! (A new neighbour recently moved in and was told by the previous tenant to look out for the greyhound - the guy had been carrying some Schmacko's for over a month to greet him until they finally met! Of course, because he had treats, he is now Billy's best friend!)

My (retired) mum walks him for me on week days whilst I'm at work, mostly there is no feedback. Sometimes I get the odd crazy/random comment, "by the way, I took Billy into the old peoples home and they loved him" permission, or anything. She just knocked on the door and they let my mum & Billy straight in. She said the response was incredible!

The one thing I was completely unprepared for was the unconditional affection that he gives me. He does like to creep onto my bed when I am not there, but he goes off to his own bed eventually (yes, a proper single bed, mattress etc). However, last year I had a case of deadly man-flu, shivers in the night etc - Billy jumped on the bed and turned himself into a 5ft long hot water bottle. Saved my life! 😊

So my anecdotes aside, I cannot recommend a greyhound highly enough to someone that has made the RIGHT decision to adopt, not shop!

Having a greyhound will not hurt your lifestyle, it will improve it by factors you cannot believe; yet.

I've attached some of our photo's - you can use all, none or any......maybe people need to see what life is like with a hound - like my nephew experiencing the 'chin press' whilst enjoying his hot chocolate!!!!

Keep up the great work & we will see you soon.

Brian Aitchison


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