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  • Billy the greyhound
  • Billy the greyhound
  • Billy the greyhound
  • Billy the greyhound
  • Billy the greyhound
  • Billy the greyhound
  • Billy the greyhound

Billy is a popular dog in our kennels.

Here is what one of our volunteers, Donna, said about him. “Billy is a proper people person, on a recent walk we met a group of council workers and he stopped to greet every single one of them, providing each one with their very own lean 😊 Hes a big lovable boy. He walks lovely on the lead and takes in his surroundings with positive reactions. He saw a few dogs at the park and met them quite happily He doesn’t however like them coming up to close into his face.”

Another one of our volunteers, Laura, agrees, “I have walked Billy on a number of occasions over the last few weeks including a walk to the local park. He is a beautiful, big boy who absolutely loves people…and cuddles! He approaches everyone for a fuss and likes nothing more than to lean on you to the point where if you moved I’m sure he would fall over!

At the park he was very well behaved and although a big strong boy is gentle on the lead and didn’t react to other dogs even in close proximity He was much more interested in attention from the owners. I think he would make a wonderful addition to any household looking for a big fuss pot!”

So to test him further volunteer Jill took him home for a few hours and reported back:

“This afternoon I took Billy for an outing from the kennels. He hopped straight in the car and I hadn’t got far before he lay down and snoozed for the rest of the journey home. First of all we went for a walk round the park. We met my neighbour and his spaniel cross Ginny, who seemed quite taken with Billy! We saw a few other dogs on the way and Billy paid them no attention. He was fascinated by the ducks on the pond (how do they DO that?) but not in the least interested in the flock of geese feeding on the grass.

Back at the house, he checked out the garden and then ventured indoors. He had a good nose around and said hello to the resident hounds. Although at the kennels Billy is a bouncy lad, in this new environment I saw a less confident side of him, and he kept coming back to me for a reassuring lean and a cuddle. He thanked me with a chatter of his teeth. Billy is a bright lad, having no trouble opening doors for himself, and seems to know his name. He was very keen to help with making lunch – his head is just the right height to rest on the counter top! When the cheese came out of the fridge he was tempted with a spot of counter surfing, but soon accepted that this was not the done thing. However, he then lay down on the dog bed and stayed there quietly on while we ate. When offered a biscuit he took very gently.

Billy is a very loving hound and a complete cuddle monster – how could anyone resist? He took everything in his stride and behaved impeccably. He would be the perfect first greyhound for someone who has plenty of time to spend with him and build his confidence, or as a second hound to join a more confident dog who can show him the ropes. Although we didn’t meet any children today, I suspect he would prefer a quiet home, perhaps with older children, rather than a young family.”

So if you’re looking for a well-behaved hound who loves to have people, Billy may be the one for you!

If you would like to meet Billy, then give us a ring on 0121 426 4810 or contact us to come for a visit. .

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